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25 years of knowledge

After 25 years of experience, we have gained knowledge that allows us to perfect our work to a premium level and impart the highest qualities to our creations. We never compromise on materials, hardware, tools or even the smallest screw.

Our stock of woods was dried in the best climates of Israel for at least ten years.

Every guitar undergoes thorough quality inspection to make sure you get the best instrument you ever held.

Science & Mojo

We design each instrument to the last detail and make sure we test it extensively.

The mojo is our special magic going into those instruments, we put our hearts and heads into it until they are nothing less than the perfect inspiration for a guitar player.






In stock

Guitars in stock will usually cost less than the custom order since it has our choice of wood and specs.
Please note that we only have one of each and we are updating this list every time we have something new to offer.




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